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PhD thesis subject: Automotive Diagnostics – Data Mining and Semantic Methods

The PhD program is within a cooperation framework between German Automotive Industrial Partner (BOSCH), University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule Karlsruhe) and University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard. The division of the industrial partner in which the thesis will take place is dealing with aftermarket automotive diagnostics where the goal is to establish an efficient garage diagnostics (electronic tester, “error-database”, ...) for cars.

The subject of the overall project is in the field of data mining and semantic analysis, and consists in extracting knowledge about failures in car from several information sources, e.g. data from the development centre, data from Service Ticket Database (where customer complaints are inserted), feedback data from other garages, internet fora, ... The objective is to combine these input sources and generate efficiently new and reliable knowledge of errors in a car. Then, the extracted information can be inserted in overall handling instructions of garages.

The process to reach the given goal points out several sub-topics that could be summarized as follows: Evaluation of a big amount of incoming data in real-time – Interpretation of the data quality, recognition and correction of errors within source data – Creation/extraction of knowledge out of the incoming data (semantic analysis) by pattern search methodologies and interpretation. More details are in the attached presentation.

With a master degree in computer sciences (or equivalent), the expected candidate must have a good technical background in informatics and some basic knowledge about car systems will be helpful. Good knowledge in German language is indispensable. The candidate has to show flexibility, as this work will be developed at different places (BOSCH Company, KSKA and UTBM), to be present to integrate these environments and to learn quickly German language. The PhD subject is defined with the main idea, thus, the candidate has to show also flexibility with respect to the subject by defining the exact tasks within the PhD (think in advance and in a sufficient manner about his upcoming tasks).

The offer is open until finding the more adapted candidate.

Application written in English (detailed CV, motivation letter, and course scores) must be sent to:


Yassine RUICHEK:

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